“The only important thing about design is how it relates to people.”
- Victor Papanek



A systematic approach to all projects enables Crux Retail to deliver consistent results for every project while continually adapting to a changing retail environment.


Our creative team is, well…, creative. They live, eat and breathe design. We are committed to creating unique, eye-catching displays that are also easy on your budget.


Our engineering team is dedicated to bringing our unique designs into existence while maintaining a focus on cost, ease of assembly, and end-user ergonomics.


Crux Retail’s production team brings knowledge of assembly, packaging, and installation requirements to every project. In turn, this helps create durable, long-lasting displays.


Eco-concious design is more than simply using “green” materials and calling it a day. We believe that creatively using existing assets, effectively using new materials and intelligently designing displays for future use are all valid ways to lower the environmental footprint of our products.


Crux Retail operates in a global environment. Utilizing the tools available to us, we are capable, and confident, to work with clients regardless of physical location.

Emerging Tech

Technologies such as RFID chips, custom sensors and improved touch screen technology combined with video and custom applications can draw customers toward your display. This will not only increase product awareness, but more importantly, increase sales.

Efficient Design

Efficient design starts by viewing all projects from the consumers standpoint. With their needs in mind, we can effectively balance the needs of our clients while maintaining functionality to the end user.

“Things should be made as simple as possible but not any simpler.”
- Albert Einstein

About CRUX



Crux Retail, Inc. is a privately-held creative design and fulfillment company which specializes in creating branded in-store merchandising, custom retail environments, and interactive kiosks/displays. We are strategically located 20 minutes north of Atlanta, GA.

We start every project with an open mind toward design while at the same time keeping a manufacturing mindset. By doing this, we are able to create unique retail experiences that are manufacturable on a large scale and at the lowest possible cost to our client.




We believe that an important role of our company is to be a good steward in our community. We have made a commitment to contribute, both financially and personally, toward leaving the communities around us, and the lives that we interact with, better than we originally found them.

To learn more about the local ministry that we support, visit www.mustministries.org

“The more rich, engaging, and meaningful a shoppers experience is, the more value they will place on the product brand.”
- Lance Hill

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